HOT ROD's Top 10 Cars of 2023

HOT ROD's Top 10 Cars of 2023

2. 2013 Ford Mustang GT

  • Brett LaSala
  • Orlando, Florida

HOT ROD—Ford began offering an optional 32-valve V-8 to the Mustang platform in 1996, and by 2011 it became the standard V-8 option for the Mustang GT models with the Coyote 5.0-liter. The Coyote platform has outperformed and shocked the marketplace with its capabilities. In 2023, Brett LaSala and Real Street Performance continued to demonstrate why the Coyote is so imposing. They've won seven major event wins and set a few records along the way. The Gotta Have It Green 2013 Mustang GT finished the season with a best quarter-mile time of 6.33 at 225 mph and a best eighth-mile performance of 4.09 at 185 mph. Did we mention that this is a street car that has logged several thousand miles, relies on a stock-ish suspension, and completed Sick Week?

The feat becomes more impressive when you realize the OEM engine block and cylinder heads are still in use. Horsepower is estimated at 2,600 and a large share of the credit goes to a pair of Precision 80mm turbo units, along with exceptional engine tuning and power-management strategy courtesy of Job Spetter Jr. and Jay Meagher. We asked LaSala how much quicker he thought the Mustang could go. He wouldn't put an exact number on it, but a quick look at timeslips indicates 6.20s or 6-teens aren't out of the question. The timeslip for his 6.33 run shows best 60-foot and eighth-mile times of 1.14 and 4.17, respectively. Slide over his 60-foot clocking of 1.06 and that alone should get him there. Consistency, reliability, and sheer power make this one of the hottest cars of 2023.

Written by  Michael Galimi, Photos by Hot Rod Staff


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