5 Wicked Fast Ford Cars And Trucks From The 2023 PRI Show

5 Wicked Fast Ford Cars And Trucks From The 2023 PRI Show

FORD MUSCLE—The PRI show showcases some of the most high-performance race vehicles in the industry, spanning a spectrum from circle track to drag racing, autocross to open road, and everything in between. The halls are filled with booths that cater to the racing lifestyle that enthusiasts love.  Although the event features fewer vehicles than its sister show, SEMA, the intensity of each build at PRI highlights the direction of the racing industry and the latest products leading the way. As we strolled through the rows of the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, we were captivated by some extraordinary Ford cars and trucks. Here are five of our favorite builds from this year’s PRI show.

Brett LaSala’s Snot Rocket 2.0

When it comes to late-model Fords commanding all the attention, LaSala has consistently been at the top of his game. His original Snot Rocket stood out as one of the most vibrant S197 vehicles in the drag racing scene, earning recognition across the United States. Taking it to the next level, he acquired Joel Steele’s former record-setting chassis and transformed the car into the ultimate drag-and-drive vehicle.

While the previous iteration of Snot Rocket was an exceptionally high-quality build, the latest version is purpose-built for absolute dominance on the dragstrip and during drag-and-drive events. Up front, a Fast Forward Racing Engines-built, stock block Coyote engine is equipped with two massive turbos, delivering an impressive 2,800 horsepower to the rear tires. Remarkably, it retains the capability to be driven from one event to another without much drama. 

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